Items wanted for Family Day and The Feast

 It’s that time of the year again to please start thinking about the summer events that are going to be happening in our entire area.  Each year the chamber asks all business to please provide any and all types of promotional items for the Family Day held in July and the Feast held in August.  Both events are held at Tallmadge Park.  The chamber always has a booth with any and all items provided by our businesses……..and are given out FREE to all who stop.

Nothing pleases us more than to be able to showcase all our wonderful bussiness any way we can perhaps it’s with a sport bottle, or bottle holder (kozy) which Vals has already started making for us, or key chains, magnetics, coloring books, flyers, tote bags, rulers, writing pads, pens, pencils, fans (always a big hit) t-shirts, hats ( things I have listed are things that have been given away in past years)….PLEASE any promo type item will be gratefully appreciated by the chamber as our booth is very heavily visited every year. 
As in other years, I will be happy to pick up anything that you would like to donate to showcase your business and membership in our chamber.
You may contact me via email at the chamber, or my home email,  or call and leave a message at the chamber 664-7791 or my cell phone  986-5583  if no answer just leave a message or text me on my cell…….
Thanks so much as always and remember we are proud of all of our businesses and members and appreciate all of you.
Cathie Zullo

At the Mechanicville-Stillwater Area Chamber of Commerce, we strive to meet the needs of our members and our community. If you have suggestions for content on our site, please contact the webmaster


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