Zach Day recipient of the Tim Lyon Memorial Spirit Award, Reality Check

About the award-

In 2011, we lost a dear friend to Reality Check, Coordinator from Allegany County, Tim Lyon. As an integral part of the summit planning for that year’s Buffalo event, we decided to create an award in his honor to promote the many great characteristics he had that contributed to our work and to youth and young adults in general. If you’d ever met him, even for 30 seconds, you know you’d never forget him; he had a very energetic way of getting everyone involved and bringing smiles to all faces; he put his heart into everything he did, and really cared about the people he was with. Our Tim Lyon Memorial Spirit Award is for a special youth that has proven over the course of the summit that they are deeply committed to making this world a better, happier, more fun place to be. These youth must possess a respectful, enthusiasm for life, and be friends to everyone. Winners will lead by doing, and maintain a positive attitude no matter the challenge. Congratulations Zach!


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